Making Movies, Sharing Stories
Vinod Vijayasankaran
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Why, hello there!


How do I pronounce the name?

(We-know-the, and cut off the extra 'uh' from "the")

I'm learning the fine art of filmmaking, and I'd like you to be part of my story. Besides narrative films, documentaries, and music videos, I also enjoy covering profiles, events, corporate presentations, student films, and pretty much anything that can be imagined.

While growing up in a small township in Kerala, India, we experienced significant delays in how fast we were exposed to technological advances. So the internet, TV Shows, and international trends came largely late. I tried using my imagination quite vividly, and enjoyed consuming videos more than anything else. I tried my hand at writing at around this time as well.

Since then, I've been through business school, advertising, and generally got advised to stop pursuing filmmaking.
By the end of my stay in Delhi, just as I finished college, I started watching online tutorials and learned After Effects and Premiere and started making any sort of video I could. And that was just two years ago. Now I'm in Tokyo, and making more videos than I thought I would be. And I'd like to continue growing.

I started out freelancing around May, 2017, and joined DigitalHUB.JP as a DP and Editor in December, 2017. I occasionally help out fellow creatives in Tokyo, and enjoy being on set tremendously.