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Making Movies,
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What's up, Tokyo?

Everything on this site, unless specified, was shot, edited, and graded by me. Here's what I've been working on most recently!


The biggest project I directed, shot, and edited was last month with the DigitalHUB.JP team, with Yummy Japan. This was shot on location in Aizuwakamatsu over three days. The video changed quite a bit as we were shooting from new developments that came along the way, and I believe the video has definitely come out strong. 

On the bottom right side is the trailer for the main video. The trailer saw several changes as we came to battle the complexities of balancing time and reveal.

On the bottom left side is some Behind The Scenes I also shot and edited. Equipment was the JVC LS 300, Sony a7s II.

Our narrator, hero, Alex Bennet, was an absolute pleasure to film. We followed him across his Kendo training for a brief visit to Fukushima on his quest for research. You can read more about his endeavors here.

iREX 2017

The Digital HUB team was the official video partner for the international robot and robotics exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight. Shot over three days using a variety of cameras as we covered several booths from ABB to Toyota to Yokohama Denshi spread over the exhibition floors at Big Sight.

For delivery, we had 3 videos including one main, general video which isn't publicly distributed. You'll notice thematically, the industrial video takes on a more serious tone, and a speedmeter to indicate sped up sections to accurately convey the robots' capabilities. For the service video, we move to a more playful and fun showcase. 

Some behind the scenes and production details will be posted a blog soon!

Emmident Japan

We at the DHJP team made a series of brand ambassador videos which would be ideal for social sharing as well as communicated what professionals across industries feel about their ultrasonic toothbrush. I shot, edited, and designed the motion graphics for these, working under the Digital Hub JP team, across locations in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Equipment includes the JVC LS300 and the Sony A7s II.


Just when I thought it wouldn't happen, it snows in Tokyo like it did 5 years ago. While everyone else got stranded at work and on the trains, I managed to get out at night and check out how different the town looked. Surprisingly there were a lot of people having fun!
Shot on the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and resulted in severely frozen fingers.


The final completed public project of 2017, 5 months after I went full-time with videography has just been published at Japan Today! 

This piece was directed, shot, and edited by me with the professional production guidelines set by the team at the DigitalHUB.JP.

Shot on 2 JVC LS-300 cameras recording into Atomos Ninja and Shogun Inferno recorders, edited using Premiere Pro, Colour Grading and Correction using DaVinci Resolve, and Motion Graphics and Title animation with After Effects.

The project I've worked on is the first episode for a new experience called "Sip of Japan" by Sake Works Co. I shot, edited, and color graded this over the last two months, and will be the first of many. Enjoy!

The first day recap from iREX 2017 as the official video team for the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun with DIGITALHUB.JP. Most of the video was shot by me with Natsuki's help while Reno and Steve covered some other videos and photos. Logo animation and motion graphics were also developed on D-day by me.

Stick around for as long as you'd like. When you're ready, contact me through the links below or the form above.

See you on the other side!

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