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Vinod Vijayasankaran

NERD Nite Tokyo

“The Discovery Channel with beer”, a worldwide monthly event series that mixes presentations, performances, trivia, demos, music, and of course drinking. 

NERD Nite May


* Baye McNeil — Alien Activist: Writing about Race Issues in Japan (
* Dave duVerle — Bioinformatics and Modern Genomics: Cancer is a Maths Problem! (
* Verena Hopp — Nerd Sumo with special appearance by a former wrestler (

Nerd Nite April


  • Kazuhiro Hayashi — Opening scholarly communication: a vision and current challenges for open science
  • Nobuko Miyairi — ORCID: get the only flower in the world for you
  • Kazutsuna Yamaji — Does open science require a national-level infrastructure?

Nerd Nite March


  • Sai Maddala & Mochinosha Puppet Company explore the hidden world of nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes, graphene, and millenia-old Egyptian inks
  • Stefania Soldini & 1740g recount the story of Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe and its dangerous journey to and from the Ryugu asteroid
  • Lana Sinapayen & Taran Nibakins puzzle over why it’s hard to decide if an artificial intelligence is actually intelligent or not