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EXCITEMENT! Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K [News]

For the first time in years, I am absolutely giddy with excitement at a product announcement. And I don't know anyone I can share it with, so here's a wall of text.

About 3-4 years ago is when I first started looking into cameras to buy for making films. I spent a lot of time on subreddits and YouTube and camera forums looking at cameras which recorded great video, damn photography.

That was the time when I strongly considered getting a Panasonic G6, but ended up springing the extra cash for a GH3. I shot a lot with the GH3, but never made any films. I still continue to use it for commercial projects although I'm almost hesitant to take it on the field anymore since it feels old. Don't get me wrong, it produces some fantastic imagery considering its age, but after using cameras like the GH5, a7S ii, and the JVC LS300, it feels lacking severely.

I used to be a huge gearhead until last year and kept looking to buy a new body and new lenses. But once you dig yourself into that hole, you realize that better things cost exponentially more. I was seriously down to buy a GH4 when I first started making professional videos here in Japan, but I encountered an issue with how all Panasonics here are in Japanese, with no option for English. At this time I already had picked up a G7 for some 4K B cam setups, which was in Japanese. And I knew Panasonic menus enough to navigate my way but I was much slower. 

I gave up on the GH4 when I started reading up about the Blackmagic cameras. Shot RAW video at full HD. I didn't really give that much thought before when I met a cameraman in Tokyo who shot on a Canon 5D III. I asked him why he lugged that around in a kit when he could easily use any other camera for 4K and he told me RAW >>>> 4K, and I wasn't able to understand what he meant until I started looking at how to use Blackmagic Design's Resolve.

After a few months, I picked up a slightly used Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera off of eBay and started using it. 

I couldn't believe how exciting it was to actually use a camera. The BMMCC is an incredibly cumbersome camera. It doesn't have a display and it's buttons are weird, and it has a short battery life, and it's hard to hold. So it took me several attempts to rig it up properly, but all through which I never felt like it wasn't worth it because the BMMCC shot RAW 1080p upto 60 frames a second. 

At that point I started making short journalistic videos to practice my colouring, composition, and editing. Eventually, I made a super short music video as well with a Japanese Jazz robot.

 Since then I was always looking into an Ursa Mini because I wanted to feel happy just to use a camera, and not just at the final result. 

There's something about Blackmagic Cameras which give off this incredible image that's really "CINEMATIC". But the Ursa Mini cameras were too expensive, and I just started working full time late last year, so I hadn't considered purchasing any other camera for a while.

And then BM announces the Pocket Camera 4K. 
- 4K 60 FPS RAW
- Full frame
- Full size HDMI port
- mini XLR with Phantom power
- USB C recording to SSDs
- MFT lens mount
- 25,600 ISO
- 1,300 USD


I paid almost  800 USD for the BMMCC, which I thought was a steal at the time. 

I AM BEYOND EXCITED. I don't know any other camera which makes me want to go and shoot something on its own accord. I'm going to try requesting the company to get one of these so we have a proper two camera 4K 60 setup.

I'm so glad I didn't spring for a Pansonic GH5 (no matter how good that IBIS is).

If you're excited about this and/or want to co-shoot something, send me a message!

Vinod Vijay