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This page serves to simply document some of my non-random thoughts and feelings about video, gear, or stories. 

Frission II: "Last Minutes with ODEN" or learning how to love the story

In the almost two months since my last update on here, I've had the pleasure of being able to work on some really good projects involving Sake, Vegan baking, Animations, Bouldering for the differently abled, and a lot has happened in my personal life as well.

I met up with family I hadn't seen in something like 7 years. Spent several days with him in the beach near Soness's place as well as around Tokyo and Osaka. Also met up with friends from India, said goodbye to some friends from Japan, and reconnected with some folks. It's been the most progressive month for me in August. 

Of course, as part of my series, I wanted to talk about another video I had seen a few years back on Vimeo:

I have had a lot of trouble in the past debating over whether I should capture my emotions on video or not. It's been a very paradoxical thing in the age of instantaneous social media; do I live the moment or stream it?

Of course, I have a lot of media of personal memories and relationships. But I've always captured these with the intention of keeping it to myself in a large way. It's never really been about putting something out there. Because when you put things out there, you're left exposed and vulnerable. Or so I used to think. 

'Last Minutes with ODEN' is very powerful. It's something anyone can relate to, and it's something I can especially relate to. And more than anything, I'm impressed by the emotional tenacity required to film and consent to filming these moments.

I miss my dog. I don't believe I took care of her as well as I could or should have. And in the end, I didn't even get a goodbye. A lot of bad circumstances and decisions contributed to that, but I wasn't too sure what I could have done differently to save what we had. I have a lot of pictures and videos lost over multiple computers and hard drives. But I wish I had made a film about her. 

I don't like regrets; they're pointless usually, but I do regret not telling more stories from video when I was young. I was so worried about saying the perfect thing that I said nothing at all. 

Recently, I started taking my cameras again. My GH3 for pictures, and sometimes my BMMCC (although it tends to get in the way of the moment I'm trying to capture more often than not). And my goal is to learn to edit and color grade while making these short stories. 
They're philosophically different from a vlog, although that's the easiest way to explain it I suppose.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to try putting smaller montages of stuff from my college; things I filmed with David, as we tried our hand at filmmaking. Stay Tuned, folks!

Vinod Vijay