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It's alive!

It's been about 5 or so hours since I made the payment for my annual hosting. I now actually have a website. While I might announce this in passing to you the next time I talk to you, this means more to me than my voice would suggest.

Growing up through the dial-up era and into the broadband space within 5 years of my time on the internet introduced me to a lot of ideas in a very short period of time. The internet fascinates me endlessly. I never ever thought I'd have a website of mine; a portfolio website. It's so unbelievably surreal to me, even now, at 3 in the morning.

I've just wrapped up talking to customer support on figuring out some fine-tuning and aesthetic tweaking here and there. There's only been one person who saw the website before public release, and I had to get the public release sooner than I would have liked to as I needed to showcase my work for an upcoming project. I'll probably make an update on Facebook and LinkedIn in another week's time. 

I feel some of the joy of a website launch has faded due to my current work stack-up; The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, The Tokyo Closet Ball, Nerd Nite Tokyo, and My Eyes Tokyo are all due in the next week. But it's a blessing really since the website is moot if there are no videos. 

Exciting times ahead, I'll be sending messages to friends and checking up on how people are liking the site. I was told that it was rather fitting to who I was. But that means less "professionalism", and more personality.

It will be interesting to see how the site shapes up a week from now! I still remember feeling motivated by John Matthew's website overhaul, and the post he mad eon Facebook. Now, onto business cards!

What do you think of the new logo?

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