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Yokohama Theatre Group starts practicing for their September Show

An afternoon of juggling

An afternoon of juggling

Andrew Woolner, the director of the Yokohama Theatre Group, had asked if I could document the behind the scenes process for their new show in September. This is something I'm really excited about since I've had an interest in theatre from a fairly young age; going so far as to even participate in plays and also produce them for two years in high school. 

From our rendezvous in Starbucks, we were all introduced to each other. While I knew Andrew and Henry, we had new faces, courtesy of Sasha, Erik, and Lindsey. 

I generally dislike morning meetings for the simple reason that I often fail to sleep on time the night before one. As though my brain is trying to work against my best interests. The last time I had a major morning meeting, I had tried to pull an all nighter and then fell asleep a fe hours before it was supposed to begin. Ever since I missed that one (sorry Isaac), I've been staying up the whole night before a meeting. This is an incredibly poor decision, and I recognize that. Today it was all the more evident because I was barely lucid by the end of the meeting, and I believe even Andrew noticed it. 

But after the meeting, we went to pick up some balls so the actors could learn how to juggle, and for the next hour or two I was recording Andrew, Erik, and Lindsey just trying to juggle. I think they were able to do fairly well, especially Erik. He progressed the fastest. We'll be meeting up for rehearsals every week thrice, although I might opt to go only once a week since I'll be headed to meet Soness ( on a regular basis now.