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NERD Nite Tokyo - May Event, 12th May

Yu as she prepares to draw

This was my third, and most personal NERD Nite yet for mostly these three reasons:

  • Verena Hopp was speaking about Sumo Wrestling
  • It was my first time playing with my new G7 (and also adding a 4K workload)
  • This was the final event before the anniversary event in June

I started out attending NERD Nite thanks to Verena, and my first ever attendance was also where I started recording my very first event almost professionally. This was a monumental first step in building out a portfolio, although I hadn't realized it at the time. Having Verena speak at this one almost brought the whole thing around full circle.

After looking at the G7 for a few months now, I went ahead and purchased one off of Amazon; for a Lumix M43 camera that does 4K 24 at 100Mbps, it is definitely the best value for money. Especially when you consider the more expensive GH3 (my A-camera till now) only did up to 1080p although ALL-I at 72 Mbps, and a not-so-great low light performance.

The June event is the entire reason I'm signed on for NERD Nite. Amanda needed someone to go through the footage and edit out a supercut of sorts for next month. At each NERD Nite thus far, we'd been trying to figure out how to streamline our workflow. Went from using a 70D, LX100, GH2, and GH3 to a GH3, LX100, a GH2 to finally just a G7 and GH3. The footage from the 70D and LX100 wasn't ever up to par, and John's hacked GH2 wasn't reliable.

Discussion Dave is Popular Person

Editing the footage for the May show right now. The only thing which went wrong were how we had a few audience members walking by the cameras, either resulting in a bit of shaking (couldn't use a tripod even if I wanted to, John's Gorilla Pod did wonderfully well), or them just blocking the frame for a good 5+ seconds until I had to tap them and let them know I was rolling. 

Overall, the may event went incredibly well. I think this helped me understand how to simplify the capture process almost to a T, while reducing the post-processing work and increasing turnaround time.

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