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Filming without Colour - Learning DaVinci Resolve

If I had known Blackmagic Design had a fully functioning, robust tool like Resolve available for free all this time, I probably still wouldn't have touched it. Resolve is a different beast. It's quirky and the underdog, and honestly underwhelming with the editing prowess you can expect out of it.

In fact, I keep seeing videos popping up where people keep bringing up how they're going to stop using Adobe Creative Cloud and move on entirely to Resolve. To those people, I say, if you can avoid using After Effects, and you're not editing in a team which uses Premiere and the other Creative Cloud apps, that's all well and good.

What Resolve excels at, and as frustrating as it can be to use three different programs in a post-production workflow, the colour grading capabilities from Resolve are streets ahead what Adobe has on hand.

Of course, it's hard to get it to work the way you want to out of the box. There's a lot of playing around necessary. LIKE A LOT. I've therefore dedicated any and all personal videos to be edited and graded entirely in Resolve so I can learn it organically and make some funky videos meanwhile.

Which brings me to my latest developments with Resolve:

Technical Specifications to follow:

  • RAW with Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
  • Panasonic 14-45 f3.5-5.6
  • CCTV FUJION 25mm f1.4

I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide how to grade it, and then some more time with some advanced-ish layer mixing and sky replacements, but I'm happy with what I was able to learn from this.

My next experiment will be checking how different the gradability of the ProRes HQ from the camera is compared to an Atomos Ninja Inferno (Keep in mind one records to an SSD). This is also the final project I will shoot using RAW. There just isn't enough expandability it gives over Pro-Res in my Post Production as I find. That could also be a result of my intermediate skills at colouring this. 

And so, I hope you enjoy the video and the quick update!


Vinod Vijay